"I knew how to get married, but I didn’t know how to date first (which is probably why I'm no longer married).

Nikki’s classes have taught me to admit that I had some challenges, I’ve done her program and now I’m meeting people that I like, I’m choosing from them, my boundaries are set and I’m not compromising. Please sign up, do the work and you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to get back out there."

Tonya Barbee

"If you ever get to the point where you are ready to take an honest look at yourself and the way you relate to the opposite sex – I encourage you to reach out to this beautiful soul and consider her Prepare to be Pursued program. It will step on your toes in love, stretch you beyond what you previously believed about yourself, and cause you to grow if you let it.

The program isn’t for everyone, it’s truly only for those who are tired of failed relationships and/or people who have been single for a while and think that they may be ready for a relationship but have kind of forgotten how to go about it (believe me, that’s really a thing lol)."

Shawntay A

"Coming into the challenge I didn’t know what to expect. After getting the first assignment to go live, my first thought was I don’t know about this. Ms. Nikki’s personality is so personable in that she can relate to each and every woman that she encounters she encourages you to open up and gives you the truth like no other. As she said throughout the challenge only you have to live with you.., you can continue to be stuck going down the same road, having the same experiences, or you can get up and make a change.

As I had said throughout the challenge, God has been working on me especially since my last relationship that was emotionally abusive and became physically abusive, this challenge was just part of His plan. I can’t tell you how I got here. Am I totally healed... no. However, I am taking the next step and continuing on because I know I deserve much more and I am picking up my mat and getting back in that water for a brand new healing and cleansing!"


" I just finished Nikki’s Prepare to be Pursued 8-Week class and it was awesome. What was awesome about it was that it made me look at myself and the things that I bring to the table that make it difficult for me to be in a relationship and helped me over come them.

It’s been a very long time since I've dated, but now I’m at a stage where I’ve accomplished so much in my life and this is an area where I never really successfully accomplished.

I learned so much about myself, even as a therapist that felt that I’ve explored all the parts of myself so that I can help others do it, I still had a block there when it comes to men. I really enjoyed myself in that process. "


“Thanks Nikki, now I’m motivated to get what I want! This process made me realize that I really do want to share my life with someone and start a family.”


“I’ve shared a lot here and I usually don’t share much with women especially women I don’t know, but I’ve done a lot of growth during this challenge. I’m now seeing how being vulnerable is possible for me.”


“This challenge caused me to dig deep and overcome my fears. Nikki thank you for continuing to challenge us”


“I have 4 quarantine guys in rotation right now and I’m enjoying being vulnerable right now! It’s been super fun! Can’t wait to see which guy wins”

Dr. Di

“My takeaway from this challenge is that it’s all about me, how I treat myself indicates how others will treat me”


“Excited to have gleaned from the wealth of knowledge Nikki is providing! The worksheets gave me some soul-searching material!”


“The story of Ruth BONUS training was amazing! Wow!”


“My biggest takeaway from the challenge is that the person that I have the most control over in the relationship is me. I can’t go into the relationship expecting the other person to change or the other person to do all the work."


“What I took away from this challenge is no matter how much information Nikki gives me if I don’t change me and my mindset then I still won’t get the outcomes that I’m looking for.”


"I have done quiet a bit of work over the years as a coach for leadership in government agencies, and in order to serve my clients well I've done so much self-work, and yet I discovered in a short period of time in this challenge that I have a limiting belief (or a “Connection Killer,” as Nikki calls it), I’m excited about the journey and gaining more insights!"

Dr. L

“Make Room for Boaz was an eyeopening experience. It allowed me to see the progress I've made in my journey for love so far. But it also opened my eyes to the things I need to work on.”


"This gave me a new light on Naomi and Ruth and even serving, working while waiting."


"Nikki is the coach you want, because she lives what she teaches from the inside out. Her wisdom and her personal power are deep and real, and she'll share it with abundant generosity until you make it your own - and that's why you can trust her to transform your life.”

Ray Rivers, LCPC
Couples Therapist
Beyond Therapy

“Through my work I have the opportunity to meet many coaches and it’s Nikki Anarado that stands out from the crowd.  Nikki has a selfless commitment and a genuine passion for assisting others on their own personal development journey. I experience her as all wisdom and kindness.  Nikki's the real deal because she's someone who has worked on and experienced her own personal development.”

Sara Doolittle
Inspirational Speaker