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Hi there! I’m Nikki Anarado, your Dating Preparation Coach.


I prepare and position driven, accomplished women to be pursued, pampered and prioritized by quality men without living in fear of repeating past failed relationship experiences.

Ladies... When was the last time a man (that you liked) pursued you?  Are you satisfied with the frequency of quality dates you've experienced lately? Are you newly back into the dating world and don't know where to start? Would you like to become more comfortable and confident in meeting quality men in social settings?  Does the thought of meeting someone new make you anxious? Are you currently dating but the experiences are sub-standard?

I can help...


The Prepare to be Pursued program is designed to assist you through the sometimes overwhelming journey of identifying our romantic needs and developing the confidence to communicate them. This in turn builds the courage required to let our guards down far enough to trust our choices and enjoy the dating process again!

Through my coaching services, I will help you "un-learn" some of the limiting beliefs and cyclical behaviors, granting you the freedom to achieve the dating experiences you desire.

What are people saying?...

The Prepared to be Pursued program has provided me some tools in how I evaluate men with whom I would like to become romantically involved.  I feel the standards and boundaries assignments were a great asset to me.  I realize in the past, I would often engage with men who didn’t meet my standards, or men who would meet my standards but often overstepped my boundaries.  Now that I have both clearly defined, it’s easier for me to decide on what man I should give a chance and friendship and eventually love.

 One one One Coaching Client

After my first week of the boot camp, I started to look at what was holding me back. Those fears. Since acknowledging and working through them God has sent someone who is actively pursuing me. I feel that I am in a better place and open to receiving love. I know that I still have work to do but the boot camp has provided tools that will help me through this journey. I will now make love a priority.

4-Week Boot Camp Client


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